"Gemstones, Minerals and Metals"
Color Therapy, Healing and Metaphysical Properties By Tina Valle - 2009

Below is a partial list of gemstones, minerals and metals used in Siempre Amor Jewelry.


Legend, Lore and More...

"A Rock Is Not Just A Rock"...Gemstones (and minerals, such as Amber and Jet) have been used in daily life and in jewelry for nothing less than millennia. The Vikings were said to have used a particular stone (Iolite Cordierite) as a polarizing filter when looking to the Sun for nautical navigation. That particular lore has recently be proven to be true and effective!

Far before Cleopatra's elaborate jewels (69-30 BC), Civilizations such as the Ancient Celts (1200-400 BC) believed that stones carried certain properties; properties that would protect, defend and guide one through life.  And prior to Cro-Magnon finds (dating back 40,000 years ago) jewelry itself may have roots in Africa some 75,000 - 100,000 years old!


In late 2013 a professor who’s incharge of the Neanderthal Collection deriving from the site of Krapina, Croatia, took a fresh look at some eagle talons found among the items. She noticed numerous cut marks on the talons and realized that they must have been used as jewelry. An international team that was later assembled had confirmed professor Radovcic’s theory in the early 2015, changing our perception of the Neanderthals. Previously regarded as savage brutes, they are now shown to have had a form of symbolic thinking in their lives. Also, it indicates that the need for ornaments predates the modern men, since the pieces were dated to have been made 135,000 years ago.

In June 2006, Archaeologists have dated drilled snail shells, from the site of Skhul in Israel, as at least 100,000 years old. This makes them the oldest known items of personal adornment, beating the previous record-holder, a set of similar shell beads found in South Africa's Blombos Cave, by almost 25,000 years.

AMBER An organic substance consisting of fossilized tree sap. Emits a soothing and bright, sunny energy. An excellent stone for purifying environments. Great for birthing rooms. Said to help purify body, mind and spirit. A good luck stone for warriors.

AGATE Can assist in transforming and eliminating negative energies. Can be used to stimulate analytical thought process'. Reported to strengthen sight and promote marital fidelity. CITRINE Very unique in that it's one of very few stones which don't accumulate or hold onto negative energy. Known as a "merchant's" stone (Hint: place in your cash drawer to help to acquire and maintain wealth). Stimulating stone for mental focus and endurance. Great for family or group problems.
AMETHYST A stone of contentment and spirituality. Bestows the perfect peace which was present prior to birth. A meditative stone which opens and activates the Crown chakra. Can help protect against psychic attack.  Said to help business affairs prosper.

CORAL is an organic substance. Can assist in quieting emotions and bring inner peace. Can protect from despondency and depression. Helps a person come into harmony with Universal forces and the wildness within oneself.

COPPER When used in a jewelry setting, can magnify the gemstone energy and transfer to the wearer. Said to be an excellent bestower of good and luck (especially in regards to property recovery). Can assist in stabilizing intuitive and sexual energy. Allows one to recognize true barriers in one's life path.

GARNET A stone of health, as well as being a stone of commitment (to purpose, others, and self). Garnet produces an energy which can help bring order to chaos, and to discourage disruptive and disorganized growth.
CARNELIAN Protects against fear, rage and envy. Helps to banish sorrow from emotions. Stimulates inquisitiveness and subsequent initiative. Can assist one in theatrical dramatic productions. IOLITE (CORDIERITE) Known as the "Violet Stone" and "Poor Man's Tanzanite", Iolite is quite powerful Shamanic medicine, in regard to healing ceremonies and ensuring accuracy of visions.  It balances the male/female characteristics of ones character. Can help one to change painlessly towards spiritual growth. An excellent stone for elimination of debts and money managing. "Lenses" of Iolite were used by the Vikings as polarizing filters when looking at the Sun during nautical navigation.
GOLD The master healer of metals, has been said to attract honors, wealth and happiness. Can assist in amplification of positive feelings. Gold can amplify the energies and properties of the stones it's holding. JASPER This mineral is known as the "Supreme Nurturer". Jasper is an extremely protective stone.  Jasper has also been known to soothe the nerves. Stones containing yellow Jasper are wonderful to carry for protection on physical or spiritual journeys.
JADE Known as a dream stone, helping to bring realization of one's potential and purpose, as well as assisting in dream solving (Hint: place a piece under your pillow). Inspiring to one's wisdom in assessing  problems.  Helps provide confidence in attaining self-reliance. LABRADORITE This intriguing stone is said to represent the "Temple of the Celestial Stars". Labradorite can assist in transforming intuitive thoughts into intellectual ideas. It can also attract strength and perseverance during change. Labradorite is directly symbolic of the Moon.
JET Another organic substance. This mineral is fossilized wood, and has been used to dispel fearful thoughts and can protect the wearer from illness and violence. Jet can also assist in protection while pursuing business and adding stability to a person's finances. MAGNESITE This mineral helps unrecognized thoughts and ideas come to light and helps a person to recognize and gain motivation for bringing those thoughts and ideas to fruition. 
LAPIS LAZULI Is known as the "stone of total awareness", assisting the intellect attune with the intuition and the psychic aspects of a person. Lapis helps in diminishing inner smoldering fires which can lead to dis-ease. Lapis can also assist in organizing a person's daily life and activities. This stone is said to bring cheer to the user and success in relationships. OPAL Known as a stone of happy dreams and changes. Can be used in making the memory stronger and promoting faithfulness and loyalty in regard to love, personal affiliations and business relationships. When you feel like you want to fade into the background in any given situation, Opal can assist you in becoming "invisible".
ONYX This stone can assist in helping a person become the master of their own future. It helps banish grief and promotes self-control, as well as stimulating an inner power for wise decision making. PERIDOT Embodiment of all the beauty in Spring's green, Peridot emits a friendly and a warm energy. Can assist in regulating all of one's life cycles (physical, mental, emotional and intellectual). Peridot provides for a shield of protection around one's body.  It can also help in finding and recovering that which was thought lost, or mislaid.
PEARL Not a stone per se', pearls are known as the "stone of sincerity". They can help provide a focus to a person's attention.  Can assist in reducing boisterous behaviors. SERPENTINE Using focus, concentration and direction of this stone's energy, Serpentine can assist healing of disorders anywhere in the body (emotional, physical or mental). This is an excellent stone to meditate with.
QUARTZ Widely recognized as a "stone of power". Quartz actually harnesses 2 different types of electrical properties. This is why many people can "feel" a quartz crystal's energy in their hand. Quartz has a tendency for harmony and can amplify both the body's energy and thoughts. Hint: If you're a bit spacey by nature, try wearing quartz below the neck only and pointing downward (away from the head). SILVER Can improve the quality of a person's speech and even bring eloquence. Silver used with gemstones is an ideal coupling, as this metal has the ability to attract and retain to itself  the qualities of the stone(s) it bears! It can also draw negativity from the body and draw out toxins via the skin.
SHELL Like Pearl, not a stone but an organic substance. Said to contain the energy of the sea god. These vacated "homes" can be used for stimulating intuition, sensitivity, imagination, and one's adaptability. This is an excellent "stone" for use in groups.

TURQUOISE: The first quality of this stone that always comes to my mind, is that it's a "Master Healer". It emanates an energy which can dissipate negativity and is a known "protector". Also a good stone for emotional, mental and physical problems; it strengthens and aligns all  Chakras.

TOPAZ This amazing stone is a "stone of true love and success in all endeavors". Considered to bring wealth and health to the holder via the laws of attraction and manifestation. It acts to replace negativity with joy and love.

UNAKITE Said to bring a person's consciousness into the present and acts to balance the emotional body by aligning it with the higher forces of spirituality. This stone has been used to help people through and past any instilled energy meridian blockages.

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